Diving Services

AWS joints in hand with Diving services with Diving and marine services professional Divetech Underwater services from 2014.
Recently approved for Diving and Marine Services ( 5 years Maintanance contract) for Petroleum Development of Oman and DNO Oman.
Currently bidding vigorously to bring new services underwater in Oman.

DIVETECH UNDERWATER SERVICES Established in 2004, Dubai, U.A.E., providing specialized underwater samp; construction contractors, oil companies, ship owners, government departments and to the marine industries, oil & gas sectors throughout the Middle East and India Region

  • Underwater Block Placing
  • Underwater Welding & Cutting
  • Underwater Concreting
  • Underwater Drilling & Plastering
  • Underawater Pipe Line Works
  • Underwater Armouring for Break Water
  • Underwater Rock Placing
  • Underwater Core Locking Fixing
  • Underwater Gravity Retaining Walls for Bubble Barrier
  • Underwater Debris Clearance
  • Underwater HDPE Pipe Welding & Installation
  • Underwater Salvage

  • UWILD Survey
  • General Survry & Inspection
  • Underwater Ship Maintenance
  • Underwater Photohraphy
  • Underwater Anode Retrofit
  • UT Reading
  • Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing
  • Intake & Outlet Valve Inspection
  • Patching & Blanking
  • Epoxy Repairs
  • Seawater Intake Clearance
  • Anchor Search & Recovery

+968-24593044 24/7 Global Support


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AWS Engineering

AWS Engineering LLC, is an SME Omani construction company


  • "Scientists Dream about doing great things. Engineers do them"

    - James A Michener
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